Briefings are one of the key ingredients to make your project successful. In order to inform our linguists appropriately make sure you cover the following points in your briefings: 

  • Context: Describe your company or brand and provide some sources for the linguist to review additional information e.g. in which industry are you active or do you specialize in something.
  • Audience: Describe for whom the text is for ideally based on a persona description.
  • Style: Describe your brand CI, language, and text body structure.
  • Keywords: Describe the usage requirements for your main and secondary keywords.
  • SEO Guidelines: Describe additional SEO requirements such as requirements on how to write meta tags, slugs, or use certain special characters.
  • Content Structure Guidelines: Describe the structure of the text which can be extended with a layout to enforce the defined requirements. Please also see: When should I use a text layout? 
  • Sample text: In case you already have a best-practice example, this always helps.
  • Task description: Describe if there are additional steps to be done e.g. answer certain questions in the text or fulfill certain research tasks before writing.