In case the client requests a rework:

  1. Collect the feedback from the client and turn it into a list of clear, comprehensive actionable points. Keep it as simple and direct as possible. Ex:
    • The info box needs to feature two bullet points
    • The Metatags can not exceed the character count provided
    • The tone needs to be more formal (eg. no rhetorical questions)
    • etc.
  2. Depending on the entity of the rework you need to decide to whom you should send the rework request:
    • if the reworks are minor, the changes requested were reported in the briefing and mostly grammar-related, send it back to the PR
    • if the reworks involve off-topic paragraphs, misunderstandings of the briefing or an improvement of the TOV, send it back to the Author
    • if the reworks involve requests that were not reported in the briefing, please let the client know and discuss it within the team. The general guideline is that the client should pay for this rework.
  3. In case the Author or PR refuse to take on the rework, you can either decide to propose a small bonus (no more than 20% of what they earned for the text) or find a proofreader who was not involved with the project, and offer him a bonus for reworking the text (this is a more expensive option)