Before you export the texts for delivery, you need to verify the format requested by the client. You can find this information in the Client Profiles folder. In case the folder doesn't contain the information concerning your client, make sure to contact them and request the information on their preferred format for delivery.

At this point you can proceed with the export:

  1. You can only export texts that have been already accepted.
  2. Once you select the texts you want to export, click on "Export"

  3. Select the export type according to the client's preferences

  4. Select the formatting according to the client's preferences
  5. Click on "Export" to download the file to your laptop
  6. Rename the file according to the conventions and save it in the client's folder in Google Drive
  7. Deliver the file to the client according to the client's requests (either via email or by saving it in a shared folder)