You can find the dashboard for each of our clients in the Client Folder on Google Drive.

Each Client dashboard has multiple functions:

  1. The tab "Meetings & To Do's" allows you to keep track of what has been discussed in the last meetings with the clients, listing what has been discussed and which actions need to be taken.
  2. The tab "Material & Project deliveries" needs to be updated with each new order we receive from the client. It needs to be filled out carefully, providing all of the information requested:
    • Date of receipt
    • Client's project name
    • Quote ID
    • Number of orders
    • Price per order (NOT per project)
    • Language
    • Internal GC project name
    • POCs for GC and the client
    • Agreed deadline
  3. The "Feedback" tab is useful to implement changes and improvements based on the comments received from the client. It allows you to break down each comment into actionable points that can be categorized and performed in a clear way. It also provides the client with an overview of what we do to manage their account.
  4. "OC_Template" provides a useful tool to filter and check the latest updates. You can use this tab to send the order confirmation to the client, providing all of the details for each project.

Here you can find the latest template for Client Dashboards: