Welcome at GC! This onboarding page will guide you through all steps needed for a seamless start on our platform. This guide assumes that you have registered an account with us. 


Your first login

Please login to your personal GC account using our login page

Once you have accessed your account you will see the dashboard displayed below. The dashboard provides you a central space to view your projects and the options to create new ones.

In case you have any question at any time you can always use our "Help me" widget in the bottom right corner, which will provide instant answers based on our FAQ solution base or provide you the option to contact our support team. 

Finalize your account set-up

Add your billing information 

Before you get started please ensure that your billing information are correct and completely filled out. Our platform will use these settings to issue all deposits and invoice documents automatically for you.

Get your settings under: Billing and Account settings 

Add deposit to your account 

Before you can start ordering we ask you to deposit the amount needed for your project. Please enter the desired amount e.g. 100,00€ and choose if you would like to pay via Paypal or Bank transfer. 

  • Paypal deposits: In case of a Paypal transfer you can immediately start ordering after the deposit arrived in your account. You will receive an email with the Paypal payment link.
  • Bank deposits: In case of bank transfer you can start ordering once the deposit has arrived in our bank account. The payment instructions are displayed on the deposit invoice. Please note that bank transactions can take up to 3-5 business days depending on your bank.

Add your deposit under: Balance > Create Deposit

Review your invoices 

Once you created your first deposit, the system automatically creates a deposit invoice which is accessible through our platform and in addition is sent to you via email. 

View invoices under: Billing > Invoice

Pay your deposit

In case you choose to make a Paypal deposit you will receive an email with a Paypal payment link similar to the example below.

Your first briefing

To provide clear instructions and context to our linguists a briefing is required. The briefing can be based on a template or written from scratch. Please also see our best-practice guide on briefing creation. Out of experience we recommend to start with a template in order to cover all relevant points. Create a briefing here: Texts > Briefings

Note that you can use a briefing across several projects and add additional instructions for each text in the "order description". 

Briefing overview

On the left side you see templates from the system, on the right side you can create your own templates.

Briefing editor

Please be as detailed as possible in your briefings, you can also find more instructions on briefings under Solutions > Briefings 

Your first layout

If you want to ensure a defined structure or formatting or your text layouts should be used. An applied layout will force our linguists to stick to a defined text and formatting structure. Some use cases could be:

  • a text has a certain structure e.g. Headline 1, Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2, ...
  • a text has a defined item e.g. a call to action "Buy now" with a hyperlink in the second paragraph of the text
  • a text can be exported as a whole or section by section
  • a text can be exported as valid HTML, BB code or Markup

Create a layout here: Texts > My layouts 

For more details on layouts please visit: Layouts 

Your linguist selection

Last but not least your projects success will depend highly on the linguist who will write your texts. To ensure that you have the best possible linguist staffed on your projects GC provides different order options (more about this below). For more details on linguists please visit: Linguists

Lets start with two examples: 

  1. You want to write a short (300 words) blog post in British English (en_gb) about cars
  2. You want to write an extensive (700 - 1000 words) article in British English (en_gb) about ETF investments.

To address different levels of complexity we have clustered our linguists by the following criteria: 

  • Languages: More details here 
  • Quality levels: More details here
  • Prices: More details here
  • Linguist interest in text topics and types 
  • Linguist expertise in industries (please contact us directly for that)

You can search for linguists here: Linguists > Search

You can create groups of similar linguists using the widget on the left side. You can bookmark linguists you are interested in through the status "memorized".

You can view a linguist profile by clicking on the nickname. The profile page also provides meta information e.g. number of orders or evaluation statistics which help you to better judge the fit of the linguist. 

You can always contact linguist via the message function (see screenshot above) in order to inform them about upcoming orders or to request direct orders (more details below).

Your first project 

Create a project

To get started with your first project you need to create a new project from the dashboard. The project will created per language and used to manage your orders inside. For more details please visit: Solutions > Projects and orders 

Decide on the right order type

Once your project is created you will have to decide on an order type matching your requirements. We generally recommend a step by step approach which starts with a few linguists which are booked via direct or group order. Once the result from the group delivers satisfactory results the group can be extended with additional linguist. Only in very few cases we recommend broad open orders available to every linguist. 

For more details on orders visit: Solutions > Which kind of orders are available?

Create your orders 

Depending on the amount of order which you want to create different creation methods might be relevant. 

...via form

You can find the manual order form under: Texts > Manual order and follow the instructions on the page.

Recommended if you need to create only a fee orders e.g. 1-5

Step 1: Select language, project and additional service details. 

Step 2: Specify your orders in more detail

Step 3: Specify each order title, further details and keyword set.

...via bulk upload

You can find the bulk order form under: Texts > Bulk order and status and follow the instructions on the page. Additionally you can take a look at our guide on how do I configure bulk-upload XlS / CSV files?

Recommended if you need to create many orders very frequently.

... via API 

You can learn more about our REST API documentation here and get in touch with our support team in case of questions.

Keep track of your first project

Depending on many different factors such as selected language, quality level, briefing instructions, topic, etc.. your orders will process faster or slower through our platform. 

Every project has a starting phase in which you and our linguist need to establish a feedback process, therefore our platform provides the following tools to you. 

  1. Revisions: In case you reviewed a text and it's not according to your satisfactions you can provide the feedback as clearly as possible to our linguists.
  2. Cancelations: In case you decide that you don't need a certain order anymore (and it's not taken by any linguist , you can cancel it.)
  3. Rejections: If after several revisions the outcome is still not what you have imagined, you can reject an order and our support team will review it. 

In case your orders are not processed to your satisfaction, please look at the following solutions: 

Project dashboard

You can keep an eye on the process of your project by using the dashboard below. In case order in a certain project are ready for your review, the respective project will be highlighted. By clicking on the number of ready orders you will be directly redirected to a prefiltered order search page. 

Order search page

In case you are looking for a specific order you can search for it on the order the order search page: Texts > Search. This page can also be used to apply different bulk-actions on the orders including: 

  • Cancel orders
  • Accept orders
  • Change quality level 

Order detail page

When you click on an order tile you will access the order detail page on which you can view and review each order. 

The order detail page includes a text editor which enables you to edit and review each order individually. 

Export your orders

Once you first orders are written you can bulk export them into many different formats, depending on your needs, directly from the order search page. For more details please visit: Solutions > Export, API and Connectors 

You will find answers to the following questions: