GC provides the option to export your accepted texts into an existing Wordpress page depending on defined events. Please follow the instructions to set-up this functionality for a specific project

Step 1: Select the project

  • Go the project overview section
  • Select the project you want to export via Wordpress
  • Click on the cogwheel to select the project

Step 2: Configure export type

  • Go to section "Export settings"
  • Select the export type "Blog export"

Step 3: Configure the event

  • Go to the section "Blog / Export export settings"
  • Define the event which should trigger the order export. Event options:
    • Export the order once it is finished (= accepted)
    • Export the order (only accepted) in a defined frequency
      • Daily / weekly / monthly
      • During different times a day
      • All available orders or defined batches


  • All options will create a new draft entry in Wordpress in a defined category
  • The exporter always exports the order in formatted HTML

Step 4: Connect Wordpress