Once you are completely satisfied with your texts and you accepted them, the next step is to export them.

When viewing the list of 'Accepted' orders, you can select those that you want to export and then use the box to the left of the orders overview to choose your required file format. Your orders will remain stored on GC's system – you can export them as many times as you like in as many different formats as you need. 

Please, remember that texts can only be exported once they have been accepted.


1. Manual exports

  • Manual download - Bulk-download in file formats: Word, Text, Excel, CSV, XML, JSON
  • Email - Automatic or manual push of accepted texts to an email address.

2. API exports

  • Push to API - Connection to any endpoint based on a provided authentication method. Accepted text can be pushed automatically or manually to an API endpoint in XML or JSON format. 
  • REST API - JSON REST API for order and delivery of texts. See GC’s API documentation for more details.

3. CMS imports

  • Wordpress - Automatic or triggered push of accepted texts to a defined Wordpress instance (via XML-RPC).
  • Manual entry - Manual import into a Content Management System (CMS) incl. defined enhancements e.g. formatting or image placements.

4. Custom exports

Development of custom solutions and other export formats according to defined technical requirements. Please contact your account manager.