Managers are able to change the pricing on various levels


All our standard prices are stored in the so called System Pricelist and can be looked up under Settings -> System Pricelist in A-App

*The System Pricelist is assigned/used to/by all clients by default

Individual prices are stored in so called Client Pricelists and can be looked up and edited under Settings -> Client Pricelist in A-App

*List of client price lists

Client Pricelists can be created on the client pricelists tab in A-App. Just click on the green 'New pricelist' button in the top right of the page

Click on the name of a client price list to open the pricelist detail page.

On the client price list page SELL prices can be adjusted for every quality level per language group - to do so, click the action icon on the right hand side of the price list

Here you can see the modal to edit a specific price. In this example, the SELL price for JUNIOR level copywriting for all Group I languages

We can set the prices for the copywriting and proofreading services individually now. To do so, open one of the price list prices which have both copywriting & proofreading

Markups (for managed service or certain payment terms) can be set on the entire price list when you create it

Assigning a price list to a client account is important. Otherwise the pricelist will not be used!
On the client profile in A-App you will find a price list dropdown in the ‘Tax, pricing and invoicing’ accordion now. After creating a client price list you can ‘bind’ it to a client account from here

Important Notes:

Manually Billed Clients
All manually billed clients are going to be migrated to have a manual invoice interval. No automated invoices are going to be created for these clients anymore

Direct order prices and partnership prices
Direct order prices are still set in the linguist accounts on the roles tab. Partnership prices are still set on the client profile in L-App.
When creating direct orders we use a validation to make sure the linguists do not ‘underbid’ each other. The absolute minimum partnership and direct order price will be the price for that quality level & language from the client / system price list

Price per word
For the clients which we use individual prices and whom we bill on a per word basis we need to create a client price list for each of those clients and can set them to automatic invoice interval (in case there are no additional surcharges)

Price per text
For the clients which we bill on a per text basis, we need to create a client price list but keep the client on manual invoice interval, as we will have create the invoice by hand with the fix price per text → this has to happen because otherwise the client will see a price of 0 (zero) on orders