To establish and maintain a good working relationship, we work under the following principles.


  • offer a flexible, professional and fun way of working 
  • answer all your questions usually in one working day at or on the internal messaging system 
  • offer fair and transparent payment (reflecting academic degrees, work experience and industry expertise) 
  • provide you with feedback, tutorials, and ways to improve your writing. If you take this to heart this can lead to categorisation as a higher level linguist and a higher price per word.


  • must read briefings carefully before you start working on a text. Copy not matching the brief has to be reworked.
  • have to be reachable! So please, whitelist our email addresses, answer our messages and add your phone number to your profile so we can call you for urgent project updates.
  • must respect deadlines. There’s no obligation to accept texts, but once you do, we expect you to deliver on time.
  • should tell us as soon as possible if you can’t deliver on time due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • need to let us know before (!) you go on holiday when having accepted a longer commitment project.

Together we: 

  • grow and benefit from a longstanding partnership.
  • win more loyal customers who want to book us and, more importantly, you over and over again! 
  • find a satisfying solution if things go wrong, e.g. reworks that go beyond the brief receive extra remuneration.