SOP Flowchart (is attached or can be found under the link): https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_lBEZTMI=/

Pricing: API usage is free of charge. Client orders are handled via regular quote and content production prices. 

Short description:

API service is a programmatic access to a majority of our services.

  • The API is accessible through the REST API interface using standard HTTP(-s) protocol.

  • Content-type for both Request and Response is application/json. 

  • Request parameters and results must be UTF-8 encoded.


  1. Incoming ticket with a request to connect to the API has been assigned to one of the Project Manager / Support representatives.

    1. In case the client sends a direct email to the PM, the email is forwarded to Helpdesk.

  2. Support person / PM checks the Helpdesk article and procedure.

  3. A canned response is sent to the customer to create a use case scenario.

  4. After the client replies, a new ticket is created in Helpdesk (using an API request ticket template).

  5. Please make sure to: 

    1. Describe the client’s needs in detail

    2. Indicate the client’s tech / IT contact person

    3. Attach optional data or files

  6. IT contacts the client's POC and provides token / access to API