Occasionally (but not necessarily) the orders will require a precise layout, which the system will "enforce". In order to be able to submit the order, you will have to follow closely the guidelines provided by the layout.

The layouts are composed of two type of structures:

  • Export Structures: they provide details on the section or paragraph that should follow, such as its topic, its length and whether it is a flexible or fixed structure (more on that later). The Export Structures are grey and must not be modified
  • Text-box: they provide details on the formatting requested for that particular Title, Paragraph or Bullet Point. Here is where you will be able to insert the text. They are highlighted in green.

There are four different types of export structures:

  • Fixed: as the name suggests, they can not be modified. You can not add, delete or modify in any way the text-boxes following a Fixed export structure.

  • Flexible: this structure allows for some more flexibility. Every text-box indicates how many text-boxes such as that one can be added in a row. It is still impossible to modify the formatting of the text-boxes.

  • Sequence: this structure allows the repetition of a whole sequence. Additional text-boxes can be added, but need to repeat the sequence provided in the layout. The maximum number of repetitions for the sequence is indicated in the Export Structure.

    Please be aware that, when you create a new box, it will be automatically set up as a Paragraph (P). In order to repeat the structure you will have to format it correctly.

  • Optional: this export structure is similar to the "Flexible" one, but allows you to avoid text-box completely, as evidenced by the minimum set to "0".

In case you need a quick reminder about what each Export structure does, you can click on "About Export structures", above the top-right corner of the text.

Here you can also see an example of the layout as it was originally.

Last but not least, you can restore the layout to its original form by clicking on "Overwrite in editor". Please be aware that doing so will erase everything else you might have written, so make sure to copy somewhere else your text