When you need to create the first project for a new client, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Check the quote: Make sure that the quote is clear and that you understand all the items listed. In case of doubts, you can ask the creator of the quote or your colleagues.
  2. Check the Billing Settings:You must verify that all the information in the account is filled out correctly:
    • All billing field must be compiled: if any information is missing you can find it in the quote or on the client's website, in the Impressum/Imprint page. In case you can't find the missing information, you can contact the client directly and ask for them.
    • Manual Billing: verify that the setting corresponds to the correct billing form. To do so, you can contact the accounting department and ask for confirmation.
    • Payment condition: the payment condition reported must match the one listed in the quote.
  3. Check the Account Settings: Verify whether you need to activate the proofreading and the managed service messaging for the account. Also check that the "Account tier" is set on the right group.