Only .xlsx is a valid format to create a bulk upload on the C-App.

In case a client is having issues with a bulk upload:

  1. Ask them to describe the process they were following, to state clearly at which point of the process the issue occurred and to provide the file they are trying to upload.
  2. If the client followed the process correctly, verify that the file follows the template we provide.
  3. In case the upload file doesn't follow the template: fix it and explain what the issue was to the client, so that in the future they can make sure to adopt the right structure.
  4. In case the upload file follows the template: try uploading the file from Admin UI.
  5. If the upload doesn't work, create a ticket for IT support, include all the details concerning the client and the project, and make sure to attach the upload file.
  6. Keep the client updated.