Communication Guidelines


Basic rules:

  • All client communication is to be done using our Helpdesk platform via
  • All communication with linguists is to be done using Admin UI



  • Ensure is not blocked or marked as spam at the client’s side 
    1. Proactively send test e-mail to check
  • Consistently send e-mails using ms@
    1. Also forward e-mails the clients send to you personalised e-mail address to ms@and reply from there
    2. Remember customers to use ms@ only
  • Ensure the messaging feature is activated in the client settings
    1. Enter client profile
    2. Go to Account Settings
    3. Check Activate managed service messaging


  • Remind linguists to turn on notification for messages from our platform


Client communication – basics: 

  1. E-mails
  2. All e-mails from clients need to be answered within 24 hours. There are two ways to reach this goal: 
    • If you have the answer ready, reply immediately 
    • If you need to do some research to resolve an issue:
      • Reply to the e-mail and confirm receipt (within 2 hours)
      • Categorise the e-mail as “pending” 
      • Send answer within the 24 hour time limit
  3. Make sure all e-mails to clients have reached the sender: 
    • For deliveries: 
      • Check back with the client and ask to confirm receipt prior to the project deadline
    • For questions on a running project where production is on hold until the issue is solved: 
      • Clearly inform the client that production is paused until all questions are resolved 
      • When deadline is in danger, do inform the customer again
    • For general e-mails:
      • Check back with the client within 2 days
  4. Regular meetings

To keep track of all current and upcoming projects and to improve client relationship, we will set up weekly/biweekly/monthly calls with all managed service customers. 

To make them successful 

  • Keep the Client Dashboard (CDB) up to date at any times
  • Share the CDB with the customer so they can always refer to it. This also
    • ensures transparency 
    • shows the customer we are on top of things
    • helps you to keep track of all client communication 
  •  Keep Project Notes up to date at all times



Client communication - escalation procedure:

  • In case you cannot resolve a customer’s request within 24 hours, inform your PAM Squad Lead and flag the issue
    1. make sure to give a detailed overview of the issue
    2. suggest a solution or alternatives
  • Proactively Inform the customer of any delays and issues you run into which put a timely delivery at stake. 
  • Inform A&S team if you run into any issues you cannot solve yourself, and do so proactively and in time so we can work on a solution before delivery gets delayed. 


Communication with linguists:

  • If you need to reach out to linguists working on a project or for a specific client, please proceed as follows:
    1. Send group mail via Admin UI. If you do not get a reply, 
    2. send single mails via Admin UI. If you still do not get a reply, 
    3. send group/single mails via your personalised e-mail address. If you still do not get a reply
    4. escalate to A&S team
  • If you are searching for linguists for a new language to cover for a customer or an author casting but your search is not successful, please remember to flag this to Kristine and Mariam C. asap. They can often help with either linguists they have recently added, or by starting a search for new linguists. Keep the A&S informed and in the loop at any time. 

Internal Communication - IT issues:


Handover Mickael > PAM Squad:

  • New customers
    1. In case we won a new quote, we proceed as follows: 
      • Have a handover call between Mickael/Customer/A&S. Use this call to introduce A&S and to check for all requirements. After this call you must have all input needed to:
        • Create and fill in Project Notes 
        • Create and fill in the CDB for the new customer
        • Create a Client Card
      • Set up regular (weekly/biweekly) meetings with the customer.
  • Existing/marketplace customers: 
    1. Should a customer (temporarily) have to be transferred to managed service: 
      • Have a handover call with Mickael to: 
        • create and fill in Project Notes
        • create and fill in the CDB
        • Create a Client Card
      • In the backend: 
        • check all settings and have the customer categorised as managed service. This also goes for marketplace customers that temporarily need special attention. A&S needs to have visibility on them. 



Minimize negative communication

  • Don't use 

    • Negative wording (Problem, I don't have time, overworked etc.,)

      • Example 1: Thank you for your question: unfortunately we cannot do this...

      • Example 2: We cannot hold the deadline we will deliver Monday (w/o explanation)

    • Especially check negative subject lines and use a NEW subject to answer (late delivery, 4 missing texts etc.

  • Use

    • Positive communication

      • Example 1: Thank you for your question: I would propose doing x in y way: 1. 

      • Example 2: In order to start can you please answer

    • Solution proposals in the same email you communicate an issue

Communicate proactively 

  • Please inform the client proactively before deadlines end.

    • Example: Dear, xxx I just want to inform you that unfortunately one of the authors in your group had an accident and died/cancelled the order/dog is sick. As a (temporary) replacement, we have asked several other authors whether they can start working on your project and will get back to you ASAP. this may create a delay in the delivery - I will keep you updated once I know how much or if we can still old the original timeline.