In case the client sent you a big material file that includes filters (s. below) and he wants to have the content (e.g. translation) only in selected cells (in this case the yellow ones), you can use the SVERWEIS-function in order to fulfill his wish :)

How to do it? Here are the steps:

1. First of all, it's important that you upload your order with a reference-ID (in this case was it the SKU given by the client, see column A) so that you can later match easily the material file with the exported file.

2. Create a new tab in the material file and name it e.g. "temp_it" (IT is in this case the language of the content). Then insert there your content that you exported (e.g. from memsource):

3. Go to the source tab (in this case "Ohne Größen_IT") where the client wants to have the translation.

4. Write in the column, where the translation should be, the following formula:


This way the content from the tab "temp_it" will be "moved" to the tab where the translation should be insterted.

5. Now drag down the formula.

6. In order to send the client the file without the formula that you used, copy the whole column and paste it again as "Werte".

7. Delete the tab (temp_it) that you created in the beginning.

8. Done!