There are five main success points which make content great: 

Clients are onboarded properly

Please check whether the client received a proper onboarding on Scoro and in the Helpdesk communications. If not, schedule one with him/her.

Briefing creation and management 

Check the briefings in use. Is the client using the latest briefing templates? How are the details specified? When was the last update? Also, make sure to check existing Excel templates for bulk uploads and existing briefing templatesand ensure their compatibility.

Common mistakes include: 

  • The client used the briefing and the same wording in column "L"
  • The client is using Place holders [Title], [KW1], [KW2] -> This might not be supported in the future.
  • The client not adding information for Stopwords and Flexendings

Layout creation and usage 

Can the client create/use layouts? Does it make sense for the client to use one?

If yes check the layouts which the client is using. Are they using the export structure blocks in a way to instruct the writing flow?

Focus on the ease of use for the linguist too, as they will be prevented from submitting the text in case any change is made to the layout, and the client will not receive the orders.


Linguist casting and management

Check if the client uses linguist groups. 

If not create them. 

If yes, check the 

  • quality  level, 
  • activity status, 
  • and industry expertise 

of these authors & clean the groups and add more relevant authors. 

This is also a great opportunity to ask the client whether they are interested in a paid linguist casting.

Regular meetings with marketplace core and managed service clients 

The regular meetings shall always touch on the 4 points above (there is always room for improvement). Check when the last call was with the clients (in the client dashboard for managed service clients and in Scoro for Marketplace core clients)

  • Managed service clients MUST be on a call at least once a month.
  • Marketplace (core) clients SHOULD be on a call at least every two months