1. Log in to GC Admin  

  2. Go to the Search function within the Clients section 

  3. Select the Client by searching for the company name, e.g SumUp Services GmbH 

  4. Go to Groups and click on Create group

  5. Create a group named for the purpose of recruitment and specify the language and the skill researched (Copywriting, Proofreading…), e.g SumUp_de_DE_SL_recruiting, meaning here Senior Linguists in German language. 

  6. Save and check if your group has been correctly created like in the screenshot 
  7. Click on your group and start adding members
  8. Select the linguists based on the project requirements, e.g Target Language, Industry expertise, Quality level, last activit (billing, orders...) …Select between 5-10 linguists
  9. Message the linguists using the template Linguist casting | Individual message  
  10. Create a second group named for the purpose of the casting, e.g SumUp_de_DE_SL_casting
  11. Add to this group the linguists who responded to the message that invited them to participate to a casting
  12. Set up a text for the the casting by placing an order 
  13. Select the linguists who submitted the best quality of content 
  14. Create a third group named for the purpose of the final of list of linguists selected for the group where you keep only the ones who met the requirements, e.g SumUp_de_DE_SL_final