Keyword density (in %) refers to the number of keywords as a percentage of the total word-count of a text. The percentage requirement for a text is set by the client or our team. Our system will automatically check that you have included at least the minimum amount of keywords needed (as is dictated by the final word-count). If you have not met the minimum keyword requirement, you will be unable to submit your text. Please note: while you write your text, the number of keywords required to submit the text may change. This is due to the fact that our system calculates the exact amount of keywords needed (rounded up) based on the total amount of words you have already written. Consequently, the more you write, the more keywords you will need to include in the text.

At greatcontent, keyword density can also beĀ absolute, which means you have to use the given keywords according to the minimum and maximum range set in the briefing. In contrast to the percentage, the absolute density does not change depending on the total word-count of a text.